You Don’t Need To Be A Superhero To Wear Capes

Before Riverdale, I had no interest in capes whatsoever. Yeah, there was Batman, Superman, and a whole host of other superheroes from the Marvel and DC universe, but none of them ever spoke to me. Now thanks to Veronica Lodge, I get it. I feel you. I’m on your side now.

Here are some of my favorite capes, from casual to special occasion, that are available now at your favorites stores. Rest assured, I selected capes that are faux-fur only.

J.Crew Convertible Cape Sweater

jcrew convertible sweater cape
c/o J.Crew


ZARA Long Cloth Cape

zara long cloth cape
c/o ZARA


ZARA Short Cape

zara short cape
c/o ZARA


Ted Baker Cieora Buttoned Cape

ted baker cape
c/o Ted Baker/Bloomingdale’s


Calvin Klein Double-Breasted Cape Coat

calvin klein cape coat
c/o Calvin Klein/Macy’s


Max Studio London Cape Trench Coat, Created for Macy’s

max studio cape trench
c/o Max Studio London/Macy’s


Draper James Windowpane Anderson Cape

draper james cape
c/o Draper James/Nordstrom


Karen Millen Cropped Cape Jacket

karen millen cropped cape jacket
c/o Karen Millen/Bloomingdale’s


Eliza J Faux Fur Capelet

eliza j faux fur capelet
c/o Eliza J/Nordstrom


Banana Republic Faux Fur Cape

banana faux fur cape
c/o Banana Republic


Helene Berman Cape with Faux Fur Collar

helene berman black faux fur cape
c/o Helene Berman/Bloomingdale’s


Betsey Johnson Hooded Faux-Fur Cape

bj faux fur hooded cape
c/o Betsey Johnson/Macy’s

The Only Lip Color You Need


I LOVE beauty products! It’s a borderline obsession. I can’t walk by a Sephora without going in, and I count down the days until my monthly Birchbox arrives. That doesn’t mean I’m a beauty snob. I do not discriminate against the drugstore brands at all. They allow me to try some of the trendier shades minus the guilt from overspending.

I’ve always been on the hunt for the perfect lipstick, and I believe I’ve found it in NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. Yes, they are a bit pricey at $27.00, but for the quality, color, and durability they are absolutely worth it. These pencils are highly pigmented. A little goes a long way. Even though they have a matte finish, the application feels smooth and doesn’t dry out your lips like most matte lipsticks. The color stays put all morning even after drinking coffee. By afternoon it does fade, but instead of reapplying I put on some lip balm and it leaves a nice stain on my lips.

I have dark hair and fair skin with cool undertones, so I tend to go for the bolder, blue-toned shades. Right now I am currently rotating Let’s Go Crazy, which is a bright pink with a little purple mixed in, and Famous Red, which is a bright pink/coral shade. Since I’m very pale, they definitely brighten my complexion, and make me look like I’m among the living.

Don’t believe me? Go to your local Sephora and try them on for yourselves. You won’t be disappointed. They even have miniature sets if you want to test out 2 for $20.00. They also makes great stocking stuffers!


Origin Story: My Jackie Kennedy Onassis Obsession

It all started with a homework assignment. We had to choose a historical figure, dress up as said historical figure, write and present a book report to the class. I remember going to the library that evening after school with my mom to select a biography. I’m pretty sure I picked it out, but I do remember the picture of a little girl and a horse that got my attention.

I saw that Jackie had dark hair like me and I liked horses enough. My Mom sealed the deal when she mentioned how Jackie looked like her mom. I worship my Grandma, so SOLD! Jackie, it is. A few weeks later, I wore my mom’s red blazer, some leggings, and tall boots capturing Jackie’s equestrian look, and read my book report to a room of unimpressed 10-year-olds. Kids, am I right?

Sadly, just a few years later she would pass away at age 64 from cancer. I remember my Dad got me a commemorative issue of Star Magazine filled with pictures of her that I still have to this day. Anytime I see a Vanity Fair, People, TIME issue celebrating Jackie or John F. Kennedy’s life, there is no hesitation – I must own it.  That tabloid was my gateway drug to all things Kennedy.

To me and so many others, Jackie is the epitome of grace, glamour, and strength. Her style is somehow classic and unique at the same time, and I plan on copying it for the rest of my life.

Here are some of favorite pictures of Jackie through the years:

My Happy Place: Dogs in Halloween Costumes

Yesterday I attended the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. Didn’t know this was a thing until a few days ago, but I’m so glad I went. It was pure chaos, but since my building won’t allow me to get a dog and I’m broke, this filled (temporarily) the void in my lonely heart!

Here are some of my favorites. . .

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Inspiring Quote from Queen Amy Poehler:

Amy on Dogs
c/o The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon/Twitter

I Met My Dream TV Mom!!!!


I love my Mom and no one can replace her. Having said that, if my Mom ever wants to go vacation or take some well-deserved “me time,” I would choose Sela Ward as her proxy.

She played Teddy, the cool mom, in Sistersand then newly divorced mom, Lily Manning, in Once & Again, navigating the single life while raising two daughters and re-entering the workforce. The dreamy, Billy Campbell aka The Rocketeer, played her boyfriend and later, husband. The fact that the third and final season of this show is not available on DVD is a travesty! ABC should expect a strongly worded e-mail from me shortly.

Anywho, I got a last minute invite to attend a TV Guide party celebrating her recent cover, and pounced on the opportunity. Initially, I was hesitant to meet her because I didn’t want to embarrass myself, but my boss was able to introduce us. It was everything I thought it would be and more! She was super nice and engaging, and still has that signature Southern charm and looked flawless!

I would love to see her in more roles, but in the meantime, you can catch her in Graves on EPIX, which has its Season 2 premiere on Sunday, October 22nd at 10pm.

In case you were wondering, I would want Mark Harmon as my Stand-In Dad.

Dreams can come true, folks.

Riverdale’s Fashion Queen, Veronica Lodge

I don’t think I can properly explain my love for The CW’s, Riverdale. I know! Don’t judge me. I am a grown ass woman, yet I can’t stop thinking about fan theories and potential storylines of fictional teenagers? Last season my friend, Kevin and I would text during every single episode dissecting every longing glance between Betty and Archie, or yelling at the screen whenever Miss Grundy appeared. Don’t even get me started on her!

Yet, in my opinion I feel it’s the fashion that ties the show together. The clean lines and tailored looks pay homage to the beloved comics that date back to the 1940’s, while serving as a stark contrast to the seedy underbelly of the town and its people. Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) is an excellent example of this. The moment she walked into the Chock’lit Shoppe in that hooded cape, I was hooked.

Here are some of Veronica’s signature looks from Season 1:

veronica cape
c/o The CW

I want one for each day of the week!


c/o CW

 Veronica and Betty in their River Vixen practice uniforms. Yes, I laughed at the name, River Vixens, but I secretly want to be one. If you look closely you can see that Veronica wears her pearls with everything! Love that!


c/o CW

As you know, I love plaid, like a lot. I found out this outfit was from Brooks Brothers, but it had sold out. I still cry about it.  


Veronica 1
c/o The CW

Veronica silently judging her fellow classmates’ taste while looking flawless in this black lace number.


veronica purple dress
c/o CW

She does tend to wear black a lot, so I like when she adds some color to her wardrobe, like with this magenta fit and flare dress.


c/o CW

Veronica mixing it up again with a patterned skirt, and a different pearl necklace. 


c/o CW

I think this is one of my favorite episodes/scene when Veronica comes to terms with her Dad’s criminal past.  Again, plaid and those pearls! Yes, please!

I can’t wait for the Riverdale Season 2 premiere on Wednesday, October 11th @ 8p on the CW.  If you need to catch up, you can watch all of Season 1 on Netflix.

Books I’m Reading This Month

I love books. My dream job is being paid to read. On the other hand I have such ADD, which seriously inhibits my ability to conquer my To Be Read List.

I’m typically a library gal because of my lack of money and space, so those 3 weeks to finish a book often turns into my very own version of The Amazing Race. The upside to the sad state of affairs in this world, is that I barely watch TV anymore, so this month I plan to make a commitment to read more. Here are my picks for October. .

  1. Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan
c/o Scribner

Jennifer Egan is such a talented writer. She can weave a narrative like nobody’s business. She won the Pulitzer Prize for her last novel, A Visit from the Goon Squad, which is one of the most unique, well-written, and moving books I’ve ever read. Manhattan Beach is more of an historical novel set in Brooklyn during the Depression through World War II, complete with organized crime, sailors, and a young woman trying to find her way in a man’s world.

2) Naptime with Joey by Laura Izumikawa

naptime with joey
c/o Gallery Books

Okay, this is a photography/humor book, but I am obsessed with Laura and her daughter, Joey, ever since she dressed her up as Eleven from Stranger Things. This book features all of the characters Laura dressed Joey up as during her naps this past year. I religiously follow her on Instagram @lauraiz, and sadly for me it’s the highlight of my day. I love watching Joey grow up, and look forward to seeing what costumes Laura will come up with next.

3) We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy by Ta-Nehisi Coates

c/o One World

It is an understatement to say this past year has been beyond horrific. I never thought I would see a sex offender in the White House, a revival of white supremacy, or have to worry about a nuclear holocaust. The one good thing that came out of this for me and many others has been becoming more politically and socially engaged with what’s happening in our country. I am really interested to see how Coates breaks down the events that led to this point in history, and hopefully this will help us begin to heal as a nation.

Let’s see if I can read them all this month! I am confident I can do it! Happy Reading!